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Sri Lanka Web Hosting can bring unique speed to your website.

We are a team of experienced professionals engaged in Web Hosting and IT consulting approach to each client and we provid Domain & Hosting services to our customers since 2013.

Unlimited Storage

We provide unlimited disk space that your website hosting needs. The way that we can give generous amounts of disk space for you, it easily explained.

Unlimited Traffic

We are offering unlimited bandwidth that allows to you, and also you never wants to worry about exceeding your website visitors limitation.

100% Uptime

We know that, you will lose valuable customers when your website downs at every time. Our network will be available 100% Uptime.

SSL Certificates

We are enjoyed with keeping your websites more secure, So we provide unlimited free SSL Certificate for your website without any extra cost.

MySQL Database

Store information in databases is a key part to any successful web hosting plan. We provide you unlimited database and storage with this solution.

100+ Apps Available

Our apps installer makes it easy to build your site with the app that you love. You can install easily WordPress, Joomla and Drupal with few clicks.

Unlimited Emails

We solved a common problem email deliverability, with MailChannels. Your can create unlimited business email accounts for your websites.

Automated Backups

You don't want spend time for backup your websites, we create automatic backups for your all kinds website every day. Also Anytime you can restore.

Need Support?

We help whatever you need, from choosing the hosting plan according to any technical issues that you may have.
(Hotline: +94 70 442 4066)

We've got you covered

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Sri Lanka Web Hosting provides your complete IT solution.

Software Development


We build functional and practical desktop application or web application to suite your budget and requirement.

Website Development


We build creative and professional websites to your business, individuals and medium sized websites.

Online Marketing


We offer a wide range of Online Marketing services including Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and SMS Campaign.

Google Website Ranking


We put your website on top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Yandex and all other search engines within few months.

Stories from our customers

When you get staright to the point the presentation looks attractive.

Simple & Affordable Pricing.

Sri Lanka Web Hosting are designed to meet the requirements from large scales business websites, to small business websites, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, portfolio websites, e-commerce websites and beyond.


A great package for publish your website to global.

Rs. 2,500


Including 10K Premium Google Organic Traffic and 1K Backlinks for your website

Rs. 6,000

* Refund requests can be accepted with in 14 days of the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

More than two thousand of customers rely on our domains and unlimited web hosting to get their ideas online.

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Because the website is the first place people go when looking for a product or service, a website help you to promote and sell your products online.

You have to purchase a domain name and reliable web hosting space for run a website globally. This is the right place for your willing website.

Absolutely! Sri Lanka Web Hosting team always can assist you by offering suggestions and other alternatives to any domain for successful business. Also, you can search a domain name and purchase by clicking this link.
Register a Domain Name

Web hosting is a service provided by companies that sell or lease space on a server where you store the files that make your website accessible on the internet. Here you can choose two types of web hosting package. Both web hosting package are same, but "Premium" package will provide 10K Premium Google Organic Traffic and 1K Backlinks for your website. Its will help to rank your website on google top pages.

Once you purchase a domain and hosting space from us, we will build a website for your business. For develop free website, you need to request for us. Then we will design a creative and professtional website for your business withn a two weeks. Some times we will take addtional weeks for develop your website, because of your business nature.

When you purchase a domain name and hosting space, you need to select the time period for registration. If time period end of domain and hosting space, you need to renew it before expiry. We will notify you end before few months. Then you can simply make a bank deposit or a online paymnet for renew your website. Here are the website renew link :
Renew My Website

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